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Welcome to Sala Restaurant

¡Dream and Flavour of Tradition!

Welcome to Sala Restaurant

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The Menu, Specialties and
Menu for Groups

The jewel of the crown of any flashy restaurant certainly lies in its menu.

In Sala, you will find an exquisite yet succulent selection of starters, seafood, meat and fish, which we are absolutely sure will delight your palate. Highlighting and known by all, are our unbeatable shrimp Huelva, which continuing the tradition of D. José María , are personally chosen, daily in the fish shop Gran Sol de Madrid .

The tuna tartar is possibly the star dish of the exquisite selection of fish.

The pride of our house, are the croquettes of Boletus with white truffle, awarded in the Millesimé Madrid for its exclusive development and unique flavor.

Grilled Prawns Grilled Cigala Natural Cockles Advocado Salad with Prawn and Salmorejo Anchovies and Anchoas Sea Bass Bilbao Red Tuna Tartar Grilled or fried Cocochas
Grilled Loin of Kid 500 gr Sirloin Steak Lamb Chops Grilled Lamb Kidneys Mixed Salad Canónigos with Raspberry and Foie Advocado Salad with Prawn and Salmorejo Duck Foie Gras
Cake Burned Curd from Valle de Ulzuma White Chocolate Mousse with Yolks Flan Puff with cream, Whipped Cream and Fruits Cheese cake with Raspberry Cake Cream of Rice Pudding

Large Rooms, Terrace, Playground, Parking, ...

own Elaboration

Another dream that came true, was the creation of a artisan bakery in which our masters again, continue to show the taste for the traditional bakery .

An ideal complement to the gastronomical choice of our people dining in the restaurant. For those who love baking, we offer a sweet selection of chocolates, cakes and all kinds of jellies. Special mention should be made of ice creams, where you will find a whole rainbow of originality and creaminess.

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Parking, Acceso para discapacitados, Zona infantil, ...

In Sala we strive to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For that, our premises are conditioned with all access and amenities necessary for your enjoyment so; we have a sizeable parking consisting of over 170 spaces for cars and all kinds of vehicles. Also for lovers of two wheels, keep choosing our site for your dining concentrations, we have a total of 20 parking spaces for both motorbikes and bikes ...

In our continuing struggle for ending architectural barriers and help to facilitate the daily life of people with disabilities, we provide two parking spaces for exclusive use, while enabling access ramps in all areas.

We could not forget the kings of the house. For them, we reserved one playground where the little ones can enjoy endless entertainment as gymkhanas, floating castles, outdoor games, game consoles, and everything always entertained by our animators to ensure that no end to the fun.

How could it be otherwise, the enclosure is equipped with tight security. Our devices video surveillance 24 hours and physical private security ensure your peace of mind.

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